Mobile Rural Foodbank

Rural bus shelterA recent survey in the UK suggests that it costs on average £80/ week more to live in a rural area than a town.

Rural Food Bank opened 28/04/14

Call or text us on 07970 617714

or use the contact form on the ‘Contact us’ page

If you are living in a rural area on the same state benefits as an urban dweller, that probably means you are seriously worse off.

The higher living cost is largely because of higher heating fuel costs, higher transport costs and less access to cheaper goods and services in the countryside.

In addition, access to services that help poorer people can be non-existent in less densely populated areas, due to the way these are funded. Food banks, Citizens Advice Bureau and debt help organisations, for example, tend to exist in towns but not in villages.

The particular focus of the problem has recently been revealed to lie amongst working (rather than out of work) families in our part of Wales, where 1/3 of children have been found to live in poverty. (Click the photos on this page for more info.)

food bank donations

We are therefore trying to convert an exhibition trailer to serve as a rural food bank, debt help access point and (ultimately) mobile Job Club that will travel into rural areas on market days to try to be of more help as Christians trying to reach out to rural people.

In the meantime, food help comes on the back of the Landrover via a telephone number (07970 617714).

We KNOW there are people out there concerned to help outreach in rural Wales … please partner with us practically to make this a reality!

Details of an opportunity to join in and help with this ministry may be found by clicking on this button …

Help button

Thank you.


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