Training for Ministry

Do you need to train to serve God in a rural area?

We have been asked by people leading small groups of believers scattered across rural Wales if we can help them to train ‘on the job’ for ministries they already have. We can!

We also have a limited number of places for suitable interns to train in rural and tribal mission as members of our rural mission teams.

Training is delivered at three levels:

1) Community Chaplain training – training to serve your community in the name of Jesus – a year and you’re done

2) ‘Preach Club’ training for those who serve churches without full time ministers – the commitment is to a one full and two part day conference then a Saturday morning meeting once each month to help each other prepare

3) Graduate Diploma in theology at Union School of Theology – – while training for full time ministry in rural and tribal contexts in the rural Heart of Wales.
For this two year course we partner with Union who deliver the online learning through our lead mentor, but we walk with you through the experience for mutual help and encouragement and expose you to experience in rural mission and church planting contexts that will help you.


Contact us now using the form on the ‘Contact’ page.


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