Ty’r Bugail

Snowy square

Ty’r Bugail is our new cafe at 4 Market Square, Llandovery.

Revised upstairs

It functions as a community cafe and serves as the hub for our Rural Chaplaincy service.

We offer excellent coffee from Manumit, speciality teas and a range of snacks, biscuits and cakes that reflect the nationality and sheep industry heritage of the area.


Sheep were historically sold on the Market Square outside our cafe, and the town saw the foundation of the first commercial banks which were developed to serve the needs of the drovers that worked from and through the town, moving livestock bred in the surrounding hills towards the large conurbations to the East.

Today the square outside the cafe hosts an outdoor market of local produce every Friday.


Our cafe opened in January 2018, is undergoing progressive development outside our current restricted winter opening hours and we aim to offer free wi-fi by February 1st.

Ty’r Bugail means ‘The Shepherd’s House’, and reflects both the historic activities that took place on Market Square and the ancient Biblical theme that describes the character of our God as the Great Shepherd of His people.

Our coffee comes from a project based in Cardiff dedicated to freeing people from Modern Slavery … learn more about them here
(click the pic!)

Manumit promo
If excellent coffee is what you want … either on the promises or in one of our recyclable take away cups … that’s great, we’d love to see you!

If we can be of service to you in some other way, our

Me quad mountain

Rural Chaplain is on hand throughout the winter at Ty’r Bugail, and we have community groups distributed in rural communities across a wide area.

Drop in for a drink, some cake and a chat.


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