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Strenthening rural people

from the inside out

Grace Rural Wales Partnership (y GRWP) is a Registered Charity Number 1170827 administered by a group of independent trustees


We meet during the COVID-19 outbreak exclusively online but maintain our Chaplaincy capability to respond in one of our specially equipped Chaplaincy Landrovers to crises in our rural community.

Sunday at Ty’r Bugail … online (click the pic)

Welcome to Ty'r Bugail online Hereford steer

Podcast (click the pic)

The Bible Ministry comes out in our podcast by Saturday evening

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The key to surviving the COVID-19 outbreak?
In our view that’d be practising spatial distancing along with social engagement, so …

We meet up and hang out online on Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. and pray together when the coffee runs out … contact us for details of how to drop in

If you sympathise with our aims and objectives and you would like to help support what we do, please click this graphic to link to our giving page.
Thank you.

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